I’m Anastasia: Moldovan-born, Italy-raised, United States-seasoned social mompreneur, speaker and innovation evangelist.

Known for my contagious energy and can-do attitude, I’m passionate about challenging the status quo by empowering under-privileged people and communities. As Co-Founder of GlobeIn and TEKEDU, I worked to improve technological access and literacy to increase opportunity in today’s increasingly digital marketplaces.

As Founder of Child Proof Yourself, my current interest lies in leveraging VR and AR to address human centered problems like parenting and provide new approaches to prevent stress and anxiety in children, through immersive experiences that create awareness and triggers empathy, based on neoroscientific research.

My latest obsession is Blockchain and its applications in solving humanitarian challenges.

I love to inspire and to be inspired by smart, hardworking and honest human beings. I believe emotional intelligence is one of the most crucial assets we have in business and in life, and I cultivate more and more by reading and learning from the incredible people I meet every day.

I hold an M.B.A. in International Commerce and a B.S. in International Economics from the University of Padua in Italy.

My Experience

Co-Founder, GlobeIn

GlobeIn is a monthly subscription service as well as an online marketplace to discover products from global artisans.

I’ve traveled the world, building from scratch and expanding GlobeIn’s network of regional managers and artisans. Throughout my journeys, I’ve lived and traveled in the most remote areas of South America, Central Asia, India, Africa and Russia, meeting local artisans to document their stories and teach them how to sell their products on GlobeIn’s platform. I also established our amazing team of inspiring technologists and social innovators in GlobeIn’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Co-Founder, TEKEDU

TEKEDU empowers children in residential institutions in Moldova through inclusive ICT education and development.

I’ve always been passionate about education. Education is the most powerful tool with which we can change the world, and the internet plays an invaluable role in giving access to new and engaging ways to learn. We are working to improve access to the internet, including summer camps and bootcamps focused on teaching coding to girls.

Founder, Child Proof Yourself

Child Proof Yourself is a VR application that creates an immersive experience in order to train parents to be the best of themselves in critical situations as well as in everyday life routine.

Parenthood hit me as a train! I considered myself to be very prepared to become a mother, but I was wrong. Books and classes and videos are good tools, but not as effective and immediate as VR immersive experiences. Through immersive experiences we create awareness and trigger empathy. VR is the new empathy machine that can flip the script in the current way of approaching medicine, education, wellness, traveling and many more fields.

Our traditional model of parenting focuses on fixing what is broken early on- through things like self esteem coaching and therapy, etc. By using VR, we are able to change it, by training the parent how to emotionally, neurologically and bio-chemically relate to the needs of their children. Be heard, make him/her self understood and understand what is going on even in a complex family situation.

My Services

As a consultant, I have a holistic approach, it’s lean, data driven and results oriented. I offer tailored, innovative, professional and fun mentoring. Due to my multi-cultural background I can deeply understand the needs of the start-up based on their geo-political location. I focus mostly on Eastern and Southern European start-ups.

I often consult about:

  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Digital and Mobile Marketing Strategy
  • Hands-on Implementation
  • Optimization for apps and web sites
  • Explore and understand Silicon Valley’s eco-system
  • Navigate Dos and Don’ts of an appealing Pitch Deck

As a speaker, I inspire, inform, and engage my audiences by drawing on stories and insights across a spectrum of personal and professional topics that resonate with anyone who is interested in learning about and doing good in the world.

I often speak about:

  • Start-ups
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Women in business
  • Leadership and empowerment
  • Eco/Tech Fashion and marketplaces
  • Cutting Edge technologies for good
  • Medical XR and AI
  • Blockchain applications and use cases

“Anastasia generously accepted our request to speak to an online audience of high school student from both Moldova and the USA about her experience as an entrepreneur. I know first hand that she inspired many young people, and especially young women, with her ability to defy the odds, take a great risk, and try very hard to accomplish something that she felt was so important: empowering people from all over the world (and not to mention preserving local arts!) She spoke of “growth hacking” and how we don’t need to have it all figured out, but need to continuously learn and use all of our resources to simply make it happen, in our various life ventures. THANK YOU ANASTASIA! We here at the Diamond Challenge are appreciative and rooting for you.” – Julie Frieswyk, University of Delaware.

“Anastasia’s deep understanding about the Bay Area’s business and cultural environment and capacity to bridge Europe and US has been key for our young entrepreneurs at Mondragon Team Academy. The constant presence, energy and joy she shines, has always been a strong source of inspiration for us.”- Liher Pillado Arbide, TeamCoach at Enterpreneurship Unit, University of Mondragon.

“It has been such an honor to have Anastasia Miron speak at several of The Expat Woman events on social entrepreneurs and international women creating impact. Her energy, passion and expertise on running social ventures both in the US and internationally have been such an inspiration to our network. She is also so approachable and willing to help, staying back after the panel discussions, to speak with the attendees.”- Nyna Caputi, Founder of The Expat Women.

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